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5 Celebrities Who Can’t Stand Meghan Markle

When the world finally learned that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were dating, the actress from Suits was met with support flying from every corner, but some amount of criticism was also on the crosses. However, after the pair finally announced their engagement in November 2017, the actress was suddenly faced with even more negativity and hate than before from virtually all corners. The shade came from her own family, the public, and even some fellow celebrities got in on the action. Here are some celebrities who just can’t seem to stand Meghan Markle.

1. Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan is a British Journalist who has always been known for his ability to make headlines. And one time he did just that when he suddenly accused Meghan of ghosting him. Morgan claimed that he and Meghan had been friends up until the time she met the prince. Their supposed friendship was, however, short-lived as Morgan claims that Meghan would soon go silent and stay silent, off the radar. Piers Morgan also criticized the fact that the couple chose elder-flower cake and organic lemon on their big day instead of just following tradition and going for a fruitcake instead. But not that any of that is Morgan’s business and not like he has any say on the matter.

2. Wendy Williams

Wendy is also clearly not a Meghan fan. Back in December 2017, Wendy openly said on her show that she thought Meghan Markle was a bit of a “wild card” as she can turn at any time. Williams also admitted to having her own brush with the former actress when she came to the Wendy show. Meghan’s name popped up again on the Wendy Show when Wendy was interviewing AnnaLynne McCord after Williams asked the actress about Meghan’s small cameo on the reboot of 90210. Wendy couldn’t resist throwing in more shade at this point either where she openly decided to call Meghan a “random princess.” From all the jabs Williams has, so far, thrown at Meghan, it’s quite evident that her dislike probably runs deeper than she may be letting on.

3. Kate Hopkins

Kate is also in on the action when it comes to some of the few known celebrities who are openly scornful in their commentary of the former actress. At one time, Kate even dubbed Meghan an “American Kate Middleton,” she never held back. Kate had even gone on Twitter at one time to accuse Meghan of being a “budget princess with an Oscar-winning innocent face.” But just clearing the air; Meghan hasn’t won an Oscar.

4. Prince Andrew

After Meghan and Harry got engaged, the former actor was invited to meet the other members of the royal family. But rumor has it that not everyone was as happy to see the bride-to-be. And Prince Andrew, the second oldest son, was one of them. The outlet later reported that the prince openly displayed a noticeable dislike of the former actor compared to the other royals.

5. Chrissie Swan

Maybe not a household name in America, but the Australian TV personality has also been one of Meghan’s harshest critics. At one time, Chrissie even got to Facebook and explained that she had not yet warmed up to the soon-to-be princess saying that it was her manner; that it looked as if she was performing.

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