Eight Best Wooden Watches That Cost Less Than $100

You may be wondering about why the price range has been included, but this is only meant to put a range that most people will feel that they can risk when buying a wooden watch since you realize that many people are still skeptical about purchasing wooden watches, and at higher prices. But then again, you will come to realize that this price range also has some pretty awesome wooden watches that you can be willing to put your money into. Here is a short list of some of the best wooden watches that you can get at this price range.

1. WeWOOD KAPPANUT Kappa Nut Wood Watch

The WeWOOD company has taken to manufacture some pretty amazing wooden watches. The WeWOOD KAPPANUT wooden watch is made from walnut wood and this particular wooden watch model’s price tag sits just below our set price threshold. The watch has a Miyota quartz type of movement and is backed with a hardened mineral case window. But from there on, you will find that every other resource used to manufacture this timepiece is purely natural.

2. SENTAI ST-1001-XXM Vintage Wood Watch

This wooden watch also boasts of a Japan Miyota quartz movement. It is a good-looking watch and definitely stands out from the rest. You will surely get some compliments about the watch if you opt for this option. Its case and band are made from Zebrawood which helps to complement its good-looking design. The price range is also quite fair.

3. WONBEE Bamboo Unisex Wood Watch

This wooden watch is made using bamboo wood. You will surely notice its lightweight and natural materials and design when you put it on. It has brown cowhide leather straps which also complement bamboo very well. Another feature which you can’t fail to notice about this watch is the fact that it is unisex; for both the males and females.

4. WOOD GRAIN New York Wood Watch

This is also another great wooden watch that has a decent price range. This watch has a special WOOD GRAIN finish to it which is pretty cool. You will also notice its date display in the dial which is quite awesome considering that not many wooden watches with that feature range below $100. This timepiece also boasts of a high-quality Miyota quartz movement to add to its list of features.

5. CUCOL HQ1143 Wood Watch

This is the watch you should go for if you are looking for a smooth and minimalistic-style wooden watch. The case of this particular watch is made from bamboo and it has no emblems or signs or any extras on its case. You will love its smooth and casual wooden look which can really suit your casual outfits.

6. MEKU MK-WW58 Wood Watch

This wooden watch of made of Sandalwood. If you do some of your own research on the type of materials used to make this watch, then you will notice that this type of wood is extremely high-quality. The fact that it is also lightweight and seamlessly even adds to its list of features. Its unique wood grains plus two-tone band features also are also quite attractive to look at. It is definitely its worth.

7. KAHALA Natural Acacia Koa Wood Watch

This wooden watch is made from Acacia Koa wood. You will also notice that its bands are made from Zebrawood which greatly compliments its other features. The hand-made Hawaiian-style engravings on its bezel also give this watch a serious special vibe to it. This watch will definitely be worth your money.

8. BEWELL W116C Men’s Wooden Watch

When you compare the looks of this particular wooden watch to its price, you will be amazed. It also has a day and date displays on its dial plus luminous hands, which all clearly add to its overall value. Overall, the visual nature of this particular watch is what makes it stand out so much from the rest.

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