The Top 4 Types of Summer Camps for Kids

Few things are more iconic to our idea of what childhood is, can, and should be than the concept of camp. It’s here that so many of our most defining summers were spent as children, and it’s here that your children can have the same experience.

That said, camp – like life itself – has changed since our day. Like so much of life, it has specialized and diversified while trying to better itself. There are many different types of summer camps to which you can send your child, and they can have a truly tremendous short- and long-term impact on their lives.

1. Sports Camp

If your child imagines themself the next Howe or Gretzky, you will want to give them every opportunity to hone their skills and work their way up through the ranks. Of course, long before they can start pursuing Gordie Howe Hat Tricks or chasing Gretzky’s all-time goal record, a summer camp that allows them a place to practice against children who are similar in age or skill level can be a great idea.

What’s more, these camps also teach a much underrated skill – sportsmanship. You want your child to build character, and part of that comes from learning how to handle adversity. In addition to hockey, camps like these for basketball, baseball, track, and almost any other kind of sport can provide a great way for your child to spend the summer exercising and excelling instead of loafing around playing Xbox.

2. Band Camp

Then again, maybe your child has always been a bit more inclined towards a musical path. If so, sending them to band camp can be a great way to allow them to pursue those musical talents.

There are many different kinds of musical camps covered by the “band camp” label, so whether your child wants to march in a marching band, learn guitar, or pursue other forms of musical expression, there’s a camp out there for them. For more information, visit the Camp White Pine website.

3. Theatre Camp

Maybe your child is creative in a different way. Instead of singing and dancing, maybe your child just loves to put on a show with their acting and improvisation abilities. If that’s the case, theatre camp might well be the perfect fit for them. These summer camps help introduce children to the world of theatre direction, production, and acting.

As such, even if they decide they’re not the next Laurence Olivier or Meryl Streep, they can still find a theatre or performance-related talent that they’d like to pursue, all while enjoying creating a bond with fellow theatre kids.

4. Science Camp

Maybe your child is creative in a different way. Instead of singing songs, doing dances, or reciting Shakespeare, maybe they love conducting experiments or pouring over scientific material. If that’s the case, a science-themed camp can be just the thing for them. Not only are STEM jobs incredibly hot and likely to remain so, but encouraging scientific curiosity in children is always a plus.

Find a great place for your child to discover themselves and forge some unforgettable memories with the best summer options for camp.

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