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6 Tips For Budget-Friendly Lawn Care

If you want a perfect lawn,  some simple tips can bring your fantasy to fruition. Most people have the notion that having an immaculate garden requires hours of effort and a deep dig into the pockets. Although lawncare Suwanee can make the experience much easier and efficient, that is not always the case. Below are some essential tips that are budget friendly that can transform your lawn into a dream come true.

1. Go for a Push Reel Mower

There is a significant difference between rotary mowers and reel mowers. While rotary mowers are used, they shed grass, and they leave the lawns susceptible to insecticides and diseases. Reel mowers are useful because they leave the grass clean. Neat grass will heal faster in addition to them looking nice. When using a push reel mower, human energy is relied on, and this means that you will not have to pay for gasoline fuel to have the job done. Gas powered motors are costly as they can cost hundreds of dollars yet a push reel mower is around eighty dollars. They are also kind to the environment, and that is why they are an ideal choice.

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2. Fertilize in the Spring and Fall

For your lawn to be healthy, it needs nourishment. Soil can provide the yard with some nutrients, but it indeed does not have enough nutrients for a whole season.  It is therefore vital to fertilize your lawn and the best time to do it is around the late spring and early fall. Do not fertilize your lawn often because not only is it expensive, but it will be weakened.

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3. Avoid Overwatering

One of the best ways to maintain a lawn is by deeply watering it but not frequently. This is because watering it daily can kill the roots and make the grass stressed thus making it susceptible to damage. Flooding your lawn can also significantly raise your water bill.

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4. Avoid Over-mowing

You should keep in mind that if you cut the grass too short, you are making it vulnerable to weeds and heat. Therefore, allow the grass to grow a little taller because this will enable your lawn to hold the moisture well as well as resist the weed. An ideal length would be around 2 inches. The height might vary depending on the breed but research and find out the perfect height for the type you have.

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5. Aerate in the Spring and Fall

Just like fertilization, aeration should be done in the spring and fall. This will help the roots to get some air, there will be improved penetration, and food absorption will be facilitated.

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6. Make Your Fertilizer

You can save money by making your fertilizer using household ingredients. You will make more nutritious compost than the ones being sold.

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