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7 Crazy Facts That Only a Die Hard Marvel Fan Knows About Infinity War

The Avengers: Infinity War finally hit the movie theatres and all Marvel fans are going bonkers! Disney has already made announcements for three new movies with Captain Marvel, Ant-man, and Avengers Untitled. Black Widow is also brewing in the background and is already creating waves in the movie industry. But all that aside, here are seven crazy facts about the Infinity War that only a die-hard Marvel fan would know.

1. Captain America

Chris Evans acts as Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. He had a new look for the Infinity War. Steve quits being Captain America at the end of the sequel, Captain America: Civil War in 2016. And for the first time, Steve assumes the identity of a “nomad.” You can also see this in his costume as well, which further captures the nomad-like character. It is primarily blue, plus features some yellow and disk-like objects which are attached at the collar. He is also featured with a beard, which he eventually shaves and assumes a new identity “The Captain.”

2. The Team

If you watch this thrilling movie to the end, you will no doubt, be thinking what will Marvel cook this time to get out of what they have just done with this movie. According to Kevin Feige, the Marvel Studios President, the Avengers is set to have a serious shakeup in their usual lineup. And you can be sure to see the difference in the untitled Avengers sequel (2019.

3. Russo Brothers

The Russo brothers also paid homage to their show, Arrested Development (2003), in the Infinity War movie. Here, Tobias Fünke (David Cross) has blue paint on himself and resembles the Blue Man group members. You can easily see him behind and towards the left of Gamora in one shot.

4. February 11, 2017

Marvel released an onset footage from their first day of filming, which was on January 27, 2017. And the footage shared the first look at some of the sets from the movie with Iron Man, Spider-man, and Star-Lord on the footage. Feige later confirmed that the Avengers had initially been broken into two sects in order to set the stage for Infinity War (2018). He even goes ahead to describe Thanos as the single biggest, best yet worst villain that the Marvel Studio has ever had. He again explains that this is the point where Thanos truly reveals his reasons why he has always been on the hunt for the infinity stones.

5. Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon might have directed the first two Avengers films, but he didn’t direct any of the next two sequels. Instead, it was the Russo brothers who directed the Infinity War.

6. Imax

Imax explained that Infinity War film, together with the upcoming untitled Avengers movie of 2019 will all reportedly be filmed using digital 2D ARRI Alexa IMAX cameras. These cameras are the customized versions of the ARRI Alexa 65 cameras using IMAX technology. It was the Captain America: Civil Was of 2016 which first incorporated these new cameras. This made the Infinity War be the first non-documentary film that was shot entirely using the IMAX cameras.

7. Iron Man

Tony had a separate deal aside from his other Marvel Cinematic Universe stars where he signed to reprise his role as Iron Man in the subsequent Avengers films and his appearance to the Spider-man: Homecoming of 2017 and Captain America: Civil War wasn’t part of the deal. These were all separate negotiations after he had completed his Iron Man trilogy.

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