10 Most Hilarious Confused Black Guy Meme

Confused Black Guy or Confused Nick Young memes communicate those regular moments of confusion at a humorous way. The meme utilizes a photograph of Lakers shooting guard, Nick Young, using a pair of question marks. These memes were a portion of Black Twitter, however they gained popularity. Though these Confused Black Guy memes aren’t sidesplitting, they make one chuckle a little! Now, take a look at these 12 funny Confused Black Guy memes.

1. Can You Guess?

It isn’t important if you’re an American, African, American, Arab, or Australian; we wager you heard your mother saying this to you personally at least once. Jump onto a time machine once your mother goes in a fit of anger and relive those moments, your daddy unwinds himself in the front of the TV faking he has not heard something and your sibling that is wicked titters in your face!

2. Guess Who’s Broke!

“When a n*gga asks you for a buck, and you say no, he then says you are broke!” The issue with folks is that they show little if any attention to pay the cash back. They should not be your friend whatsoever in the first location if a buddy is impolite to you because you refused his petition to give him cash! Help people that are in need, not!

3. The Friendzone!

“When she says, “I wish I had a man like you,” and you are a man just like you!”
She would like you to buy her drinks, adorable dresses, gifts, and treat her like a princess. She would like you to provide your shoulders when she is down to her. Simply put, she wants you to be there for all of the time for her boyfriend EXCEPT you do not obtain the advantages of being a boyfriend in return! Friendzone is like one of those commerce bargains Donald Trump hates! It is men, a trap!

4. This Happens!

AliExpress triggered tens of thousands of feminists across the globe when a vendor on its own e-commerce platform utilized a slender girl to market substantial size leggings (around 5XL). The version woman shoved her lower body in the leg of their women wear, as you can see. Girls were offended by this and at almost no time, the entire thing become a significant controversy. The vendor could use a woman to simulate 18, feminists across the world argued. They might be correct, but we should not overlook the simple fact that it is tough for a mean maker in China to locate a version to exhibit their 5XL leggings.

5. The Airport Was Closed!

“When Abdullah comes back from suicide assignment asserting that the airport has been shut!”
A contentious meme by character, but we do not mind reading these jokes, do we?! It appears Abdullah has chickened from this assignment in the minute, much! Jokes aside, a suicide bomber is the dumbest man to ever created on Earth. Who on earth kills themselves to simply to kill a few human beings? They are the scum kind on Earth.

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