Eight Tricks That Will Keep Thieves Away from Your Garage

When you think about matters regarding security, everyone always wants to look for and get the best working methods like driveway alarms with driveway motion sensors, to curb burglary and thievery in their homes. Nobody wants to get home only to find furniture missing, clothes pulled out of the closet, pictures smashed, or anything like that. It always leaves some feeling of helplessness to the victims. A violation of someone’s personal space.

You will always find many people looking for the best ways to reinforce their home doors and windows. But they forget to put more attention to other areas of the home that a burglar can use to enter their homes. One common place is the home garage. The rate of burglaries that occur from the garages is becoming rampant by the day. And people still aren’t getting the clear picture of what they might be doing wrong. Well, this article will help you determine some of the simple tips and tricks that you can combine with your driveway alarm security systems and hence make it impossible for thieves to access your garage.

1. Use the zip tie method

Burglars have now gotten into the habit of targeting the automatic garage door emergency release handles. A burglar can always slip his/her coat anger through the garage door cracks and pull the emergency handle to easily access your garage. But with a zip tie that’s put around a small track or loop prevents anyone from accessing or pulling away from the motor.

You can also choose to remove the emergency pull off the garage door entirely. This, however, can end up delaying your ability to access and open your garage door even when you’re in a genuine emergency.

2. Invest in a door devil

You will also notice that most garage doors now come with side doors which burglars can break open or kick in. Devices like the door devil are the best tools to use to curb this. These devices can help to prevent any forced intrusion of your garage. These devices are usually screwed into the ground and this is what helps to provide your garage door with extra protection.

3. Remove your garage door opener from your car

Most people usually keep their garage door openers in their cars or center consoles. These are convenient places to keep your garage door opener, but they can also cost you a great deal at times. Thieves and burglars will always look in these places first as these are the most obvious places that garage owners are known to put their garage door openers.

4. Install an alarm

Most people also usually think that having installed alarms in their homes, their garages are also safe. But this isn’t usually the case. You may still have a vulnerable garage that isn’t as secure. You should at least try and install a good alarm system in your garage as well.

5. Frost your windows

Don’t let burglars or other people who are simply passing by easily peep into your home. You can frost or tint your windows to prevent burglars from getting a look at your garage.

6. Use sturdy materials

In as much as it may seem like common sense, but some people don’t pay much attention to it. Sometimes, the materials that were used to make your garage door can also compromise your garage security. If possible, use solid metal or even heavy wood doors and materials for your garage doors and other parts.

7. Keep a radio on

The fact that a radio or TV is playing in your home most likely means that someone is at home. Thieves and burglars will think that someone is around and won’t think of intruding into your home.

8. Install motion sensing lights

These are another form of security for garages and the whole home as well. Thieves love shadows. And you can capitalize on that by installing good motion sensing lights to detect and motion and turn on. They will be discouraged from attempting to break into your garage.

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