Man Falls From 3500 ft To Death While Taking Rounds Of Temple

A terrible video that went infectious agent on social media shows a person slithering from a formation at height in his endeavor to travel around a temple hoping seeking smart luck. The incident passed off in state.

Sanjeevi Perumal temple is associate degree old place of worship situated on a 3500-ft-high formation. The temple is in Musiri, Trichy. individuals visit Sanjeevi Perumal and plan to go round the temple. The procedure is termed ‘girivalam’ which implies individuals walk around the temple to hunt smart luck.

It appears like the person WHO tried to require the rounds fell down the formation, with no smart luck by his aspect. because the temple has no place around it for worshippers to travel around it, the person was warned before he ventured more towards danger.

But the person unbroken the warnings aside and dared to tread in much no house. the person was already finished 2 rounds and within the third one, he lost his balance and slipped. All the incident was captured on a transportable. once the matter was checked with the cops, they declared that they’re however to induce info regarding the incident.

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