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Top 5 Horror Movies of 2017 You Must Watch

Best Horror Movies of 2017

Movies, who does not love movies. Almost everyone love to watch movies. I myself love to watch action-packed and Suspense thrillers etc. I am not a very big fan of Bollywood movies. I love to watch Hollywood more than our Bollywood movies and this change happened when I was in class 11th. I was so addicted to movies that time that I used to daily buy a movie DVD from a local seller. We did not have the trend of borrowing movies in Pen Drives at that time. Horror movies are my favorite ones. So, Today we are going to discuss the Top 5 Horror movies of 2017. Check Them Out!


Best Horror Movies of 2017

  1. Creep 2

Horror Movies of 2017

Released On: October 24

Cast: Mark Duplass, Desire Akhavan

Director: Patrick Brice

What’s Special: This is the second part of the Creep movie series. The first part had it that a man befriends a real and well creep. You are really gonna love this part of Creep as the director has come up with something more creepy and interesting. This part has some more added effects and more compelling than the previous one.

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2. Cult of Chucky

Horror Movies of 2017

Released On: October 3

Cast: Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif etc

Director:  Don Mancini

What’s Special: Remember your favorite homicidal toy movie Curse of Chucky, the 1980s. Now they are back with the sixth sequel to the movie. the movie is mainly filmed in a hospital and Chucky this time is more dangerous and uses sharp objects for the emotionally challenged people. There are lot of scenes in the movie that will keep you stuck to the screen and give more horror experience than the previous parts.


3 Annabelle: Creation

Horror Movies of 2017

Released On: August 11

Cast: Anthony LaPaglia, Miranda Otto

Director: David F. Sandberg

What’s Special: This one is for the people who love the Annabelle Story and has seen the previous movies on Annabelle. I myself saw the previous movie and it was really good. But this one has some more thrills added. The movie revolves around a mansion that looks so scary, the story of a mad dollmaker. Well, you really need to see this one.

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4. A Cure For Wellness

Horror Movies of 2017

Released on: February 17

Cast: Mia Goth, Celia Imrie, Dane De Haan

Directed by: Gore Verbinski ( who directed The Ring)

This movie has been directed by Gore Verbinski who is famous for the movie ‘the Ring’. Have you seen the movie? Most of you must have seen it, I guess! Cure for Wellness is about a therapy that uses water at a center with people having devilish intentions. The cinematography is really amazing that will keep you stuck to the movie. It features a silent sanitarium that looks so scary. The vice tones used makes the movie more interesting and worth watching in 2017


5. Alien: Covenant

Horror Movies of 2017

Released on: 19th of May

Directed By: Ridley Scott

Cast: Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, Michael Fassbender

The name itself says that the movie can be worth watching as it read Alien. Don’t know about you but I love to watch movies on Aliens and all. Though this part is a little different from the previous part of it, The Prometheus. Yes, I have seen the movie Prometheus and man, what a movie that was!! This time they have tried to give it a touch of horror. Though, the concept remains same aliens chasing humans and reverse. But you will love the alien attacks shown in the movie. They are really eye-catching and worth watching. Overall the Alien: Covenant is a combination of Sci-fi and horror and you will love it.

So, this was all about the Horror Movies of 2017. We brought to you the list of 5 Horror Movies of 2017 that you will love to see. This was Deepak Kumar here to talk about the Movies Stuff. You can connect with me on my blog Techadvises. We will post more such stuff, Stay Tuned! don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.






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